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Meet Rev. Daniel Goba

Hello! My name is Rev. Daniel Goba, and I am running for a seat on the Brooklyn Park city council representing the West District. I am committed to working for our community. I am motivated by the responsibility with honor and humility. Diversity is what makes Brooklyn Park a unique and exceptional place to live, work, and play and progress toward an even more illustrious future.
It will be a great privilege to serve the residents and businesses of this great city on the city council, and I ask for your support. Together, we can improve our streets, parks, trails, and sidewalks and increase the support for our police and fire departments, new small and micro businesses.
My vision is to ensure we build a city that puts equity at its core. It is essential to safeguard our community in ways that reflect the wants and needs of every resident. 
Brooklyn Park needs to be guided by its citizens and business leaders – the people who live here and invest in our success. I would like to see more citizen input to help inform critical decisions, such as how the city should approach public safety, affordable housing, transportation, and economic development.  
My goal as your council member will be to connect the dots between our hopes for the city's future and being a good steward of the public resources. Vision can come from many places, but smart communities realize that engaging their residents in the city-governance process leads to better answers and deeper public ownership of our future.
The future of our city is bright. Brooklyn Park will become a model of excellence, one that truly puts our citizens first and engages them in their collective future as often as possible. City staff will be known for providing quality and value in all areas of service. We will be a platform for vital economic activity that gives Brooklyn Park a competitive edge in the marketplace. I will engage citizens and businesses to make this a city of choice for living, working, and leisure activities.
So, on May 9th, I ask for your vote in the Special Election to represent the West District on the Brooklyn Park City Council.

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