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Affordable Housing

I will work to ensure Brooklyn Park increases affordable housing options for all residents, including rental properties and homes for purchase. The council should improve the supply of affordable housing, provide equitable access to housing opportunities, and promote policies that protect renters’ rights.

Economic Development

I will prioritize the development of local businesses and industries that create jobs and stimulate economic growth. My plan will include policies such as tax incentives, grants, and loans for small businesses and encouraging new industries to move into the city.


The City Council should prioritize investments in infrastructure, including roads, bridges, public transportation, and other critical systems that support the city's growth and development. When elected, I will do my part to make sure the City invests in new projects and maintenance of existing ones. Better infrastructure can help attract businesses, create jobs, and improve the overall quality of life for residents.

Public Safety

The City Council should prioritize public safety, including measures to reduce crime, improve emergency response times, and strengthen community-police relations. One aspect of ensuring successful public safety in our city will include embedding mental health professionals in the police department to help deal with crises involving residents dealing mental health situations.


As a City Council member, I will prioritize sustainability initiatives to reduce the city's carbon footprint, promote renewable energy sources, and reduce waste. Some of the initiatives I will prioritize include investments in renewable energy, green infrastructure, and sustainable transportation. On the whole, I support sustainable development that balances economic growth with environmental protection.

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